Game On! Sketch Comedy Writing, Level 2

Game On! Sketch Comedy Writing, Level 2

Shenanigans Comedy Theatre - Black Box - 2650 Leeman Ferry Road, Suite F, Huntsville, AL 35801

For ages 18+: Game On! Sketch Comedy Writing Level 2 - Have a great idea for a sketch but you're not sure what to do with it? In this session, we will discuss how to elevate a sketch concept to hilarious heights by embracing not just "Yes, and" but also "If, then" and what it means to incorporate "Game" into the work. 

Students are asked to bring a basic drafted version of their sketch (3-5 pages) to class for a workshop session where we will collaborate to refine those ideas into a fleshed out sketch on the page.

Students should have completed the Level 1 class (So You Wanna Write Sketch Comedy) or have equivalent experience in understanding the components of sketch.

Instructor's Bio:
Karyn (KB) Ben Singer (they/them) has written for independent stage and screen productions since the late 1900s and currently collaborates with the Alabama Film Co-op as a screenwriting coach. KB has written, directed and self-produced several short and feature films, with multiple projects having achieved finalist status in film festivals across the country. Bonus fact: KB was once an uncredited citizen of Angel Grove in an episode of Power Rangers: Wild Force. For credited work:

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